Student registration

If you have a UAB user, you dont need registration. You can access to the service directly once you've indicated your password and NIU

Student Basic Data

If you hold Spanish citizenship, please enter your DNI.
(Students holding dual citizenship, will only be able to register as Spanish if they already have a DNI.)

If you are an EU citizen, please enter the number on your national identity document.

If you are a non-EU citizen, please enter the passport number you will be using to travel.
(Please note that acceptance letters will be issued automatically with the passport number used for registration.)

Do you have any personal identification document?   Yes      No
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Personal data

All the required data are mandatory with the exception of the family name.

First name and Middle name  
Family name 
Other Family name 
Date of Birth  Calendar (dd/mm/yyyy)
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Student Contact Data

Please enter the required contact data. Make sure they are correct since the University will contact you through them.

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